Welcome to J.W Judo

Owner and head coach of J.W Judo – Sensei Jason Woolerton has over 35 years experience in the sport of Judo both competitively and as a coach.

Once the youngest ever BJA (British Judo) black belt at the age of 15, Jason is a highly successful judo athlete and was a member of the Great Britain judo squad from the age of 11 winning multiple national titles medals and competing for GB at cadet, junior and senior level.

Jason’s career started at Willesden Judo club aged 5, under the guidance of Leigh Davies and his wife at the time, Helen Davies.  Willesden Judo club was one of the top competitive clubs in the country the work ethic and family feel Willesden had was the key to Jason’s and the clubs successes. Throughout his time at Willesden, Jason trained with, coached and supported many of today's judo stars.

Jason also received a lot of extra Judo help and support from Lloyd Alexander and the late Simon Hicks (Founder of FightingFilms) at Wandsworth Ernest Bevin, the amount of Judo videos we broke down to get a general understanding of Judo and tactics was unbelievable. In 2006 Jason’s judo career ended prematurely following a serious and debilitating back injury which meant he was unable to compete again and never able to reach his true potential.

Now that Jason is able to train and teach again he is embarking on a new journey as owner and head coach of J.W Judo. Jason is passionate about sharing his judo skills with others, growing J.W Judo and hoping that one day his players can emulate the successes of Willesden Judo Club. 

It’s plain to see that Jason brings a wealth of enthusiasm to his sessions ensuring that first and foremost everyone has fun. Continuous learning and adaptability are focuses throughout so get yourself down to J.W Judo to start your Judo journey!